Toss up

A toss between Rosa dupontii (who clearly was the winner) and the rat damage you see in extras.

I am not that fond of my mirrorless Canon M6, but when it chooses to perform, it performs well.  The rose image (I think) is gorgeous. 

The trouble is that the results from the M6 seem to be very hit and miss, and I never ever know what I'm going to get. and I simply CANNOT get used to not having a view finder.  Half the time, when I am outside, I don't have the first idea of the framing, or what the end result is going to be.

In extras is an image of a 19th century crocheted bedspread showing fairly catastrophic rat damage.  If anyone out in Blipland has this pattern, I would be extremely pleased to get hold of it.  I can get someone to do the crocheting, assuming they can work to the same tension  of the original maker.  It's not easy.

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