Life with Alice

By elirin

Back at the Canal

We thought we’d go back to the smaller of the two canals, the one with the ice cream hut, for autumn walkies before all the leaves fall off the trees. It was a great walk along the banks of the canal. We have lots of happy memories from earlier walks here. I’ve been here with my best friend forever Dolly! The ice cream hut was closed, of course. People were taking their boats out of the water in the small marina.

Parts of the canal had been drained of water so they can do work during the winter season. Mum said Let’s go down there so we can say we’ve walked on the bottom of the canal! We did, but mum regretted it because she got very muddy. I was ok. See extra.

For the first time in a long time, we had pizza for dinner. Yay!!

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