By mollyblobs

One in a million

My first ever protest march, and I was overawed by the camaraderie, humour and determination of the million people who had given up their time to signal their displeasure at the UK's current trajectory and support the case for a People's vote. 

We were towards the end of the phalanx, and spent quite a lot of time either standing still or shuffling slowly forward, never quite making it to Parliament Square. But we were able to watch some of the political speeches on the big screens that were sited along the route. Michael Heseltine was the last speaker, a superb orator whose words were spine tingling. 

The only slight dampener on a very positive day was a small group of drunk Brexit supporters standing outside a pub, who hurled abuse at the marchers as they went past. There was a whole line of policemen separating them from the crowd, pretty much a one-to-one ratio. Rather sad, really.

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