Rodents rule

By squirk


Another bloomin' migraine floored me today. I'd been hoping the distant headache of the last few days was just a background thing, but today it came at me big time. I managed to suppress it with the drugs after a few hours. Last week was unexpectedly stressful and I didn't manage the stress that well. I need to change a few things so that I can relax a bit.

Fred returned home from his latest Inverness trip late afternoon and I joined him for an evening walk through Brockwell Park, which ended at a curry house in Brixton. Thankfully, my appetite seems to be fine despite the rubbish brain. It's lovely to have my buddy back so we can watch Bake Off. I've been holding back all week, but Fred said he knew who was going as my parents had told him yesterday evening by mistake! They didn't ring him just to say that – he was round at theirs having dinner. They're all in good tune.

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