We slept rather well overnight so after slow(ish) start we took the ferry across to Devonport and a short guided tour of the village.  Devonport is one of the early European settlements.  It dates from the  late1820s and developed into a naval base  due to the deep water anchorage available.  Now an affluent neighbourhood with easy commuting via the ferries back to the Auckland CBD (see extra). My main blip is looking along Victoria Rd with the old Post Office on the right. 

By mid afternoon the jet-lag was taking its toll so we retreated back to the hotel for a video call with Ariadne & James - James is now away to school, we are re-packing as we are off tomorrow morning to collect the motorhome for the next part of the trip.   Hopefully with our body clocks in a better state :-)

Thanks to everyone who left comments yesterday - so good to finally be here!

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