Kath Gordon

By KathGordon

Wolviston village

Another day, another hospital appointment for hubby - just a minor surgical procedure thank goodness. He always asks for an early appointment so we had to be there for 8 30 a.m. as he was first on the list. We went by the scenic route avoiding the dreadful A19. There were constant radio reports on queues of traffic at various points up and down that road. I dropped him off early and was home by 8 35. I have cleaned the loos and blitzed the kitchen so I am feeling quite virtuous. I returned to pick him up at 12 and stopped in the village on the way. I have blipped the pond on a previous occasion - it is looking very tidy - and I drove round to the church - St Peter's. I could not remember what it looked like despite passing it regularly in my childhood when it was on the main road before they built the bypass. In a previous life I was also in the church several times for our school Nativity performance which was a complete logistical nightmare. 
The church was built in 1876 to replace the ancient church which was demolished. It has no aisle. I must go and take a look and refresh my memory!

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