Marking Time

By Libra

"Forest bathing"

I had an afternoon “forest bathing” following a morning doing yoga.
 Now if that sounds very hippy/holistic and mysterious it is another way of saying I went for a walk in Mine woods this afternoon.
Today our yoga class had its annual coffee morning and fund raising event for Strathcarron hospice. Hopefully we will have exceeded last year’s event which raised £1,000.
As one friend said:” We all know someone, either a family member or friend, who has benefited from the hospice. It touches all our lives. “
About Forest Bathing – shinrin-yoku, is a form of Forest Therapy that originated in Japan in the 1982 and is now becoming mainstream all over the world, based on ancient Shinto and Buddhist practices.
This is a natural wellbeing therapy that utilises the healing power of the forest. Just being in a forest can help to reduce anxiety and boost the immune system, but forest bathing goes even further to become an immersive experience that can have far-reaching benefits.
Oh dear… just read  the first requirement for forest bathing is that you leave your camera and phone at home. I had both with me.

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