Party Day

We were running crazy all day.
I was making kofta, salmon rolls, dips and more, while Neil was baking his irresistible salted caramel brownies, Pork roast and chicken.
We were sill running around like headless chicken at 19:30 - expecting the first guests arriving at 8 pm.
Dougie was early and helping, Deryck was early too and  had to chop veg sticks.
We were kinda ready at 8 pm and dressed and showered.

Nonetheless - the party was a success, everyone was enjoying it. Food was eaten, cocktail hours for the last guests started at 3 am and we were in bed at 6 am!

Blipping a very bad high ISO shot of our buffet table - not showing the huge amount of cakes on the other side though.
People tend to bring cakes - noted for the next time :)

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