Feeding The Youngster

Please look LARGE!

I've spent much of the past week with Mum at the hospital. Thankfully, she is at last improving! 

I felt I could spend some time by the lake this morning. It was just what I needed - a lovely morning and wonderful wildlife! I watched heron and dragonflies, swans and kingfishers - but the highlight was watching an adult grebe diving for fish and feeding them to his/her youngster! It was fabulous to watch and something I've never witnessed before. I have other photos, including one of the youngster trying to swallow a bigger fish than this one, but I don't have time to sort through and edit properly at the moment and this image best captures the memory for me, so it's made it as my blip.

There's a heron in my b&w journal

and a dragon in 'My Third'

Thank you so much for your messages of concern - you are most kind!

Ann :))

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