By iamwillproject

Piss poor advice

Now... allow me to explain my rationale behind the seemingly contradictory title of this Blip entry. Not to worry, I’ve not abandoned my sensibilities.

I do however believe “affirmations” or perpetually repeating “positive thoughts” in your mind which you think helpful in challenging & overcoming self-sabotaging and negative thoughts, are unfortunately ineffective. Furthermore, I doubt “positive thoughts” help to mitigate the effects of stress.

Positive affirmations do not work as expected because they target the conscious level of your mind, but not the unconscious. With each positive declaration, your unconscious mind will respond with disbelief & resistance. In fact, if what you are attempting to affirm happens to be incongruent with a deeply held negative belief, then all that will result is an internal struggle. The ensuing conflict subsequently utilizes a great deal of precious energy and in return creates a massive amount of tension in your body. Ultimately the negative belief grows stronger fighting for survival. In the end (nearly always) your intended true desire(s) fails to manifest.

An internal dialogue driven around the idea of “asking” yourself will be far more powerful than “telling” yourself something positive when you want to create a successful end result. A question’s power lies in the process of probing for answers. Resources will come to light & activate our curiosity & impulses... encouraging the very action(s) required for change.

Take every thought captive! WE are human first. “Repeat after me” affirmations are in and of themselves mechanical. WE are not robots.

Just a thought.

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