By DonnaWanna

Wide Wednesday - Water

Most of these paperbark trees have been living in the water since mid winter. Doesn’t seem to phase them, they’re very hardy trees that can deal with all extremes.

I’ve slooshed them through Snapseed and they now look a bit like a painting which I thought was effective. ;o) There are a couple of ibis (of course) at the base of the trees which will give you an idea of how big the trees are.

At the risk of boring you to tears there is another shot in extras of Madame Black Swan hanging around with her merry troop of mostly juvenile Ibis clowns at the lakeside where they play every morning now! :o)

We had a little bit of heavy rain today, only lasted for about 15 minutes but it was right as I had walked across the road to get something for lunch. I got drenched as it seemed to have escaped me that the black clouds were looming!!

Big thanks to Bob for Wide Wednesday ;o)

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