Fog Lights Shining

Outside was largely blank this morning as I looked out the window but I had an appointment in Teignmouth so I went in a little early to see what I might find in the way of misty scenes. It was lifting fast though and had gone from the pier and the front but I thought it might be lingering on Back Beach. As I walked down Lifeboat Lane towards the beach I could see the lights of the ferry shining out and it looked great waiting there with it's gangplank down. That was the first image I took and despite wandering around for another half hour that's the one that makes my blip today.

It was proper chilly this morning and I was soon wishing I had a pair of gloves in my pocket.

It's Wideangle Wednesday hosted by BobsBlips (Thanks Bob) and the theme this week is 'Sea or Water' and that's always good for me! 

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