By GoranZebuhr

Those were the days

This is my old, but forever young, friend Peter.  In the 80s we used to make slideshows with the technique available/popular at that time.  35 mm transparencies, two Kodak Carousel projectors, a 4-channel cassette recorder and a dissolving unit.  Sometimes we had to bring an amplifier and loudspeakers as well. 

Today Peter visited me and had asked if we could see some of the old slideshows.  It took me two hours to locate and set up all equipment.  I waited for Peter to arrive before turning on the power.  One of the projectors made a high-pitch protest at first but the sound faded away.  Then a fuse gave up.  But eventually we were able to watch a couple of these old slideshows.  Peter looked really pleased and said, “Wouldn’t it be great to ….” I said NO!

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