Corvid Fiesta

By CorvidFiesta

Fiddler’s Green, North Shields

After the first four hours when it was quite choppy and the boat hammered along to get out of the rougher seas presumably, the crossing was calm. As we got towards Newcastle the weather improved and the views were great. Unlike at Rotterdam on the way out it took rather longer to get back into the UK. From starting to leave the ferry it was almost 45 minutes later we emerged from passport control; whatever must visitors think about the time taken to cross the border? As it was such a nice day we decided to go and have a look at North Shields as it always looks interesting as you come up the Tyne. We found some free parking and did quite a lot of the heritage trail and came upon this great sculpture that has appeared by the fish quay. It is a memorial to North Shields fishermen lost at sea and was made by a local artist, Ray Lonsdale. The sculpture is based on a photograph that is also on show and is a magnificent sight on a good day.

Yesterday’s blip. 

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