Robin at large

By Robin


I have not been to Newcastle since I was a very small child, apart from passing through many times on the train.  We picked up several brochures from the hotel reception and decided to have a walk around the city.

The first discovery is that it is quite a hilly town, almost as bad as Edinburgh. We were out most of the day until mid afternoon when we finally stopped at a riverside pub. Many thousands of steps completed today, and all the goals on my health app exceeded comfortably!

We identified a couple of art galleries to visit tomorrow. Many photographs taken. The Millenium bridge looks spectacular in the evening. However for Blip I have settled for this picture of the Baltic flour mill, (now Baltic Gallery) reflected in the Tyne. The river is very still so there is an almost mirror like reflection.

Nice dinner at the Malmaison hotel, itself situated in a former warehouse belonging to the Co-op.

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