My topsy-turvy life

By Rathmandu


At Owen's appointment last week it was decided to get him in today for a routine dilatation and to have a look to see if there was anything going on down there causing his anaemia. They also decided to make it an overnight stay to check his chest after the operation to make sure it was clear.

So an early start for us all to get up to Manchester for 7:30 and dilatation #13. Owen was first on the list so we got him changed into his new Pyjama Fairy gown, at which point he decided he didn't want to wait patiently he wanted to tear around the floor playing with the fire engines.
Louisa took him down to theatre not long after 9 and less than an hour (and some Timbits) later he was back in recovery waiting for us. I'm always amazed how well he copes with all this and generally only really gets upset because he's hungry.

The tightening apparently wasn't as bad as it has been and there's no significant damage to the linings lower down, they even went as far as the duodenum. So at least there's nothing major going on but we're still not sure about what's causing the anaemia.

We were stuck playing in Day Case then for the rest of the day with some surprise visitors* who we heard before they appeared, beep-boop, I was very torn for today's photo. Eventually they found a bed on Short Stay for Owen and Louisa while Aaron and me went to stay in our first Airbnb round the corner.

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