By SweetArt

BCAM - Day 23

Back into town today to have my breast PET scan and MRI. One at 12:30 and the other at 3:30!

The government sent me to the HK Sanitorium Hospital which is a state of the art facility. I felt privileged to be there.

All set and ready to have glucose drip when they asked if I’d been fasting, to which I replied no! Unfortunately I hadn’t been told and I neglected to read pre-test instructions. I felt awful.

They were extremely gracious and rescheduled to Nov 1st. They also told me to go downstairs to the MRI department to see if I can get in earlier than my 3:30 appointment. Again, they were able to accommodate me ... unbelievable. I felt very favoured. So grateful.

MRI went ahead fine and I was glad to be able to leaving the hospital at the time I was supposed to have my MRI. It all worked out.

Tomorrow, full body PET scan ... it’s lots of machines and me at the moment :).

Please would you kindly click on this link that offers free mammograms to those in need.

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