Works in progress

Lis left for other friends in Sundsvall today. It's been lovely to spend time with her and to enjoy being relaxed together.

We are getting ready for a political weekend, which should be interesting and hopefully invigorate the political muscles. The opinion polls that came out today show the right wing populist party in Sweden has gained yet more support and is now almost level pegging with the fading Social Democrats. They seem to be going the way of most centrist socialist parties in Europe at the moment. It's all very worrying so a weekend of political thinking will do me no harm at all.

These are some of the art card collages I'm working on, some finished, some not - plus some of the raw materials. I've been concentrating on not making a meal of the collages, using bigger bits and bolder strokes.As you can see in the one top left, I sometimes don't remember that...! Very fiddly diddly, but I'm pleased with it. I did it as the three of us sat round the breakfast table talking for hours, companionable and lovely. There are so many memories and events, feelings and thoughts in the collages, well in everything I suppose.

It's blowing a bit of a gale out there, chilly and wet. But tomorrow is set to be sunny and crisp, just the sort of autumn day I like best. Happy weekend to you all!

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