By dreaming

Flowers for Fall

I have worn earrings since I got my ears pierced at the age of 17, but I've always had difficulty changing from one pair to another (something weird about my lobes.)  About three months ago I bought myself a new pair, but when I took out the old ones, I couldn't get the new ones to go in.  So I've gone without earrings since then.  Well, today I went to Slave to the Needle  (isn't that a great name!) piercing salon and had my earrings put in.  Of course, I'll have to wear them for the rest of my life...

That took up all the energy that I had today.  Whatever bug it is that I've got is getting no better.  So here is a flower shot that I took yesterday, with the bronzes and golds and browns of Autumn in the bouquet.  We had rain today, but the forecast for the rest of the month is sunshine.

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