Hi Lovely Blippers,

It’s me again - JH Ted - I had a very early start this morning, which is quite silly especially at the weekend when you could have a lie-in.  Mrs. HCB decided to go out and do some shopping almost before the shops had time to open, so off she went, on a dank and dismal morning, and little did she know that I had jumped into her bag before she left!

When we got to Morrisons it was almost empty, so I was able to have a good look around and spotted lots of bottles of pink gin - so thought I would get in amongst them for a photoshoot.  Of course, there was some rearranging to be done, but Mrs. HCB is a whizz at doing that, as you all know.

At one point, one of the assistants walked up behind us;  she must have thought it was rather strange to see this older lady with a teddy bear sitting on top of gin bottles and taking photographs - perhaps she even thought she was drunk!  However, Mrs. HCB just calmly told her it was Breast Cancer Awareness Month and then she explained about Blip and said she took a photograph every day etc etc - well, before we knew it, as I was having some difficulty balancing on top of the bottles of gin, she suggested that if Mrs HCB put one of the bottles behind me, then I wouldn’t fall off!  How kind of her so before long, the job was done.  Not content with that, Mrs. HCB found some different bottles of gin so after more rearranging, lots more photograph were taken.  

You probably think I am an Alcofrolic Ted, but I was only doing it for the good of the cause, you understand - but it makes a good Blip for the last Silly Saturday of BCAM.  I have to say that Mrs. HCB did get some strange looks from other customers, but she is quite unashamed and is doing all this for the good of the cause and in honour of several friends. When she got home, Mrs. HCB fartnarkled around with one of the collage apps on her phone and managed to produce this masterpiece.

It has been such fun going out with Mrs. HCB, we have some wonderful adventures and she always seems to find someone to help her but never seems to get into trouble;  however, I’m sure there will come a day…………..but we won’t think about that now.

You all know the drill by now and if you haven’t already been clicking, then do please click today - there aren’t many days left in October.

Please join Mrs. HCB and me during 
Breast Cancer Awareness Month
By clicking HERE
So that those who are not able to pay
Can have a free mammogram. 

"Women who have been recently 
     diagnosed with breast cancer 
          can learn a tremendous amount 
               from women who have already been treated." 
Anne Wojcicki

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