Craft On Saturday -= Penguins

I tried to get a shot of the goldfinches, earlier.  There were eight of them fighting over the feeders, because they were sticking strictly to the 'no more than two at a time ' rule on the feeders.  One tried to go to the back of the feeder but the two at the front soon chased him off.  I failed miserably  to take a photo, they were moving much too quickly.  My effort wasn't helped by the fact that there was so much rain on the windows ( I am not dedicated enough to go outside )  A truly horrible day, I am getting really bored now with all this rain.
Anyway back to today's blip.  I am afraid you have another of the samples I have done for the card class, I hope they enjoy doing them.
Thank you for visiting my journal , you are all much appreciated.

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