Learning day by day

By EmmaF

Lauren Cuthbertson

When I booked these Royal Ballet tickets I thought we would be going straight from ABA. ABA however was on half term this week, where as school is on half term next week. So no class, but we headed to London anyway.

Dropped a small gift off at stage door for Gary, who was making his debut as Elgar in Enigma Variations and headed in. Carys then proceeded to wrestle with a door that Marcelino Sambé was trying to open from the other side, only for them both to realise it was locked shut and they needed to use the other door!

Stunning triple bill. We had front row amphitheatre tickets and a great view. Gary messaged Carys to say thank you for his present but also to let her know he would be leaving after the second act so wouldn't see her at stagedoor, but asked when she would be in again.

At stagedoor she got many autographs. Kevin O'Hare asked how her dancing was going (although I am not convinced her recognised/remembered her), Leticia Stock complimented her on her turnout and Leo Dixon chatted away to her. She managed a photo with Fumi Kaneko, Federico Bonelli and Lauren Cuthbertson.

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