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By nhc

Sunshine Dairy

Changing city-scape, changing industry, changing, changing, everywhere...
I walked over to the Kerns neighborhood today and this is one of my occasional documentary blips (so probably only of interest to me).  I knew that the Sunshine Dairy filed for bankruptcy in 2018.  The building is pretty iconic in this corner of inner NE Portland and its giant rotating milk carton; it's in the same neighborhood as the Jantzen Swimwear site whose old buildings are now office suites.  Since the dairy's been empty the big blank walls, perfect mural canvas, have since become a rotating street art gallery organized by the Portland Street Art Alliance.  From what I can gather the site will be demolished and developed into a mixed-use project.  A picture of the dairy last year before it had been vacated in the extra of that link.  The condos in the main body of that blip are complete - you can see some of that new building looming large in the far right corner of the picture above.  

Healdsburg and Windsor in Sonoma have been evacuated, it looks like Bodega Bay, too, and most of Santa Rosa...  text alerts buzzing my phone.  

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