I think this was formerly part of railway land, and whilst the gate is not really derelict, the site is clearly unused and overgrown. I really like the old fashioned sign threatening a fine (approx 2 euros) for leaving the gate open. I wonder if anyone was ever charged?!
This morning's blue sky and sunshine convinced me it would be a good idea to go for a proper bike ride. What I failed to take account of though was the standing water from previous days' rain which left small lakes and rivers on the B roads and back lanes. After 25 miles I had to remove my wheels, tyres and inner tubes to empty out approx. two small cups of water that had found its way through the valve stems. My wheels had been sounding like a washing machine spin cycle, not a road cycle. Also, my feet felt like I'd crossed a river.
I took the extra late afternoon. It's just down the road and gives an idea of the surface water (the bike ride roads were much worse.)
Thanks to Marlieske for hosting Derelict Sunday.

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