Colour Blitz No. 28: Tread Carefully

I do need to tread carefully. Back is playing up since yesterday. Nothing rest, Voltarol and back belt won’t sort (touch wood). Unusual for it to go twice in a month. Lying down till 11, then collecting friend at station.

Sun out. But apparently only 5C currently. Good beach walking weather if I’m up to it.

Found a roast cauliflower steak recipe with cajun spices. That’ll be my dinner. The other two are having fish :(.

Which reminds me, sorry if you wasted precious time trying to open Saturday’s Free Willy link. I didn’t expect anyone to try. Kind of you to show concern for a blow up fish!

Have a good week. Thursday ends hobbs’ Colour Blitz - will have to go out with a bang. Something to concentrate the mind.

Also tagged for Chantler63’s Mono Monday too ‘ MM301 theme: SPOTS & STRIPES. After all it’s just Black and Yellow. Would have worked in B/W but couldn’t disappoint hobbs.

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