By jac1954

Through my observatory

This is the old windows from my shed,
I took off the roof just leaving the wooden struts,
Then I made a flower bed along the side,
The bee space is half of a very large shed at the bottom of my garden,
The dividing wall is a curtain of plastic bottles ,
These are for a bit of protection (for me) if my girls get angry with me.
I have had a journey all this year with a wish to look after some bees I have had training and understand the girls are boss and they don't take prisoners.
I have suffered with depression and anxiety I am on tablets for this and seem to cope ok most of the time.
getting to the point of actually having some bees 20,000 these will cut down as winter sets in to around 10,000 maybe less.
A lot of people think me mad some think I am brave. 
But I think I just want to give this world we live in a chance.

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