By LooseCanon

Spots and Lines

... better known as Dots and Dashes.

Morse code is an early binary code,  originally developed to send signals by telegraphy.   It may surprise you know that it is still very much in use although largely superseded  by other more efficient digital codes.  

I know about this because I learned morse in the 1960s when I obtained an amateur radio licence when I was at school.  I became very proficient thanks to training in the school CCF and at one stage was fluent at over 20 words per minute.  

It's something you never forget and is definitely hard wired.   My speed is a bit slower these days but I can still manage about 15wpm. 

When I was an active radio ham it was my favourite mode of communication.   I let my licence lapse some time ago and haven't done any radio for about 30 years.  

Who knows what this says?

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