Yes, but what IS it?

Feel free to tell me!

I have an idea of sorts in my head, but the fun part is what other people see...

Finally planted the last of the (huge amount of) bulbs today, with Keith's help.I had prepared the ground ages ago but having visitors and being away means things get delayed. It was a lovely sunny day so it felt good to be out. In three layers, two of which were wool!! Around freezing all day. Snowflakes had fallen in the night and nothing melted in the day. Feels like winter might happen anytime. I raked the frozen leaves onto the heap of garden debris, much easier not ´w they are stiff and behave themselves.

We were both happy to come indoors and have a hot drink before getting going on the next thing. I was preparing paper for the book-binding course in the evening which was a pleasant endeavour. Rediscovering ancient paper that I'd almost forgotten I had. For example: a thick pile of archive quality A4 paper (which will last for several hundred years) from my old workplace, found in the recycling room. Dumped there due to a change of address! I rescued a whole box of the stuff and used it in my classes as a beautiful crisp drawing paper. Now it's a glued book using the "perfect" method and soon it will have lovely covers and look so swish you would really, really want to own it. (previously considered rubbish, that makes me so happy!).

The evening began in a bit of a flurry to get there on time for a 6 o'clock start. Another participant was waiting on the doorstep and we wondered where our teacher was as no one came when we rang the bell. That would be because the course starts at half past, as it always has done..... Honestly, I am so challenged when it comes to numbers.I had a good evening getting all sort of little things sorted out and having Sven-Eric give his opinion on the quality of the paper <i had with me, and the fibre direction. 

It's very very very important to know what the direction of the fibres is in the paper you are using, and the fibres should always follow the spine. All my A4 paper is hopeless for folding and stitching as the fibres run along the long edge. If you fold across the fibres the book will not behave itself, won't lie flat and will perhaps refuse to close properly. So every element of the book has to have the fibres running the right way. (You can glue a book without folding the papers, so I have done that with one lot of paper, but the rest has come home with me and will be drawn upon instead)

I have now got three tiny books to finish of in the comfort of my own home, and a big one that I will prepare the boards for but stick together next Monday. The glue has to have time to dry and settle under pressure before assembling the final book. I like the fact that time plays an important part, and it is handy to have several things on the go at once. I have my own glue at home, two flat irons and some boards - you get along way with that!

Brexit and election? Do we have to go there? I have just eft a group on Facebook as the tine was getting so unpleasant. Accusations and ridicule, massive generalisations and mocking - I find it quite shocking. I believe civility is called for in these dark days, even though part of me wants to see the end of the public life of several of the more duplicitous characters. And I do swear at the computer quite a bit... The frustrations are real, but we have to remember our common humanity, that it is a person who want to leave the EU, or remain part of it, and that person has feelings and they too can bleed.

Right, so what IS this picture?

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