Mostly Six Five Oh

By nhc

Street Corner Series

NE Wasco at NE 21st

Lots more leaf scuffing walks after this morning's appointment.  It ran a little long but we got distracted, we talked about the fires in California, he said a buddy of his is a firefighter, one of many Oregonian firefighters helping battle the wildfires right now.  True bravery.   Yes, he agreed, his friend had always wanted to fight wildfires and is getting his chance.    

Some fun Halloween stuff about.  Also spent some time mooching around the Eastside Industrial District.

I am out of extras so I am truly back to what blip is all about: ONE picture a day.  How it used to be before the extras came along as a perk.  I think it'd be nice to go back to the post one picture only practice.   I'm going to think on that.

Reading The River by Peter Heller (thanks for the recommendation, kd) - I'm not far in but the wildfire currently as background threat to the building tension of the story... eek.   

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