If you can't beat them...

By Jerra


WE arrived at Aqueduct marina mid afternoon.  Not our usual marina but Solace is going to have a well deserved face lift, in the form of a full paint job, over winter.  The Canal and River Trust need to carry out maintenance at some time during the year, so winter when fewer people are cruising is the ideal time.  Their winter stoppages begin on the 1st Nov.  That is why Solace is at Aqueduct as there is a stoppage between Great Haywood and Aqueduct.

Arriving at the marina we headed straight for the service point.  It is a rule of the syndicate that you leave the boat clean, with the toilet pumped out, full of water and fuel, ready for the next owner.  As we were pulling away from the services I saw a flash of blue.  Kingfisher!  It landed on a boat a good distance away, hence the poor shot but it was the only one I got chance to photograph all week.  We saw many but they didn't sit still for long enough.  Later KKK saw it catch a fish.

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