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By HarlingDarling


Some proper snow! Keith took the picture, there is another more sensible one, but I do quite a lot of snow dancing so this one it is.

We were sitting in the sunny kitchen this morning when life suddenly got a lot dimmer. Looked out the window and saw the snow filling the sky and moving rapidly towards the village, hiding the ridges as it advanced. We went out for a walk, of course.

Talk about wild weather, it was really windy so as well as snowing hard we had the biting blustery wind as well. The wintery weather has really arrived so quickly this year, we've had a long, colourful autumn instead of the usual short intensive affair. We walked on the road towards our lake but veered off into the forest and some well needed shelter from the icy blast. It's been on freezing all day so it really isn't that cold, the wind makes a big difference. Also, we're not mentally geared up for the cold in the way we will be in a few weeks.

Double long johns, down jacket, two hats, thick woollen gloves, etc. The warm gloves were a gift from Karin who found them in a second hand shop. There is such a lot of work in them, a complicated pattern with fingers knit in the round on 4 needles - and then carrying two colours as you make the black and white patterns. They are really nicely made. There were several holes and thin places so I have mended them - almost without trace. I like that kind of fiddly challenge.

We went to the museum and saw the film The Isle of Dogs, again. It is school holiday week and this was part of the children's free film programme. Not a film for the sensitive or the young I would have thought. It's very dark in places, and it is amazingly well done. The animated dogs are just brilliant, characterful and believable. You can get a taste of the sweeter side of the film here: no spoilers!  Quite a lot of the kids went out after a bit, and there were some restless ones who were not captivated by the Swedish speed reading subtitles and the English talking, and the unexplained / untranslated Japanese talking. Bit of an odd choice, but we were both thrilled to see it again.

We called in at the big supermarket in town to buy a new canister of gas for our soda stream machine. That's obviously the place to be as we met three old friends in the space of half an hour, all three in the entrance to the shop. Uffe, Bärsan and Johan - what a treat. Perhaps we should get out and about a bit more...

I did a bit of health and safety work on the phone this morning, helping a friend living far away, who is struggling at work. That felt really good, to know things that can help others. A new set of regulations came into force more or less as I left work, covering the psycho-social side of things, victimisation and discrimination and so on. I had to look it all up on the web and do my research, as I have never worked with those paragraphs int he law. How much easier my work would have been if that clear and sensible legislation had been in force when I was busy putting the world to rights!

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