hello again

By admirer


A cold day, but the warm sunshine made us forget it.
We hesitated at first where we would go for our walk. The Sababurg had been an option, but I preferred a walk nearer home. I sat in the sun at the balcony, reading my two books. There was no hurry to leave it.
After lunch we drove to Herstelle (just 3 km), had a look at the river Weser, climbed the steps to the Abbey on top of the hill and followed the road to the Erlenhof. A farm with restaurant and it was crowded if we counted the parked cars.
In a meadow filled with unnumerable sheep I spotted this young one coming close to his/her mother. 
We walked till we reached the place where goats are living on their own, there was a closed gate now, and following a small path we could come closer and the goats were happy to see us, and made sounds to let us know. It had been a place with a marvellous view over the valley of the Weser, but now not any longer for us.
Another path down hill lead us to our car and the short drive home.

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