the look...

...from boo

said it all

snap your photo - and leave me in peace - so i did - snap, snap

with anyone else - they might’ve just left her alone - but here’s the thing - me and boo - we have history - she’s been with me since she - was probably 6 weeks old - and we’ve bonded from the - very 1st moment we - locked eyes at the shelter - it was one of those things - once i got her home - there was no separating us - wherever i went - she had to be - and to this very day - it’s the same

oh, of course she enjoys - her times of independence - like you see here - on her face as she’s - attempting to exert - some control but ultimately - we know who’s in charge (i jest, kitty-boo) - and that’s what makes this...


happy day.....

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