a Scots life

By Annakucat


After the art group this morning (made a decentish start on a picture of Mousehole surfboards etc) I heard a farm outside Pittenweem was still selling their own strawberries so I whizzed down there & bought 3 boxes. (Awfy good!) Then thought I’d drive around looking for a blip. This the scene outside Overkellie Farm Cottage which we were offered to buy many years ago. I’d have bought it regardless, lovely cottage, big garden, love the East Neuk, but Tad was very anti the idea of living outside a town. Anyway. The shepherd was going daft chasing up the sheep , she had to do a lot a of arm waving & running about, groups of them kept trying to get into the garden, they were meant to be going into the field opposite. They did seem to have a will of their own. I really did enjoy sitting watching!

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