Looking much smarter .... for now!

Wednesday 30th October 2019                (backblip)

Thought as I was late posting this I would put up 'before & after' shots of the garage ..... now resplendent with its new door!

We are just wondering how long it will last without gaining some graffiti ...... anyone fancy taking a guess? Wouldn't mind if it was a Banksy artwork!

The 'after' shot was actually taken on Thursday after it had been fitted .... but as I'm posting this on Friday it seemed a good idea to put the images side by side!

Did our Mum's taxi run this afternoon ....... took her to see my brother .... left them to have a chat while we did our supermarket shop & then went back .... chatted for a short while then took Mum home. It does make shopping a whole lot easier! :-)

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