By dfb24

Light and Airy...

...the filter I found and used on my image, which I really liked. The snowfall yesterday set a new record for the most ever dropped on Milwaukee on October 31st. Most areas got 6 inches, but we lucked out, as we sometimes do because we're near the Lake, so we only got 2 or 3 and the snow didn't stick on the roads around us. 
I was up and out early this morning as the light looked so pretty, but it didn't last long before it became overcast. I put a few more pictures from my morning meanderings in the extras. Mae had her 4 y.o. check-up at the doctor's yesterday, so when she and Jennie got home I asked how everything went. Mae promptly pulled down her leggings to show me her three bandaids; two on one thigh and one on the other. She said (& I quote) "The cow gave me three shots, but I only cried a little. Then the wolf gave me this Halloween ring to wear and I get to keep it"! When she first said "cow" I momentarily thought she was being disrespectful and wondered where on earth she'd picked that up, but as soon as she got to the "wolf" part I realized the staff must have been wearing costumes. Hahaha!  
The guys are here putting the floor in our porch so I can't wait to see it when it's done. With the cold, snowy weather coming so early this year, Pat may not be able to replace the rotting outside boards until spring, and we won't be able to paint or stain either, so that'll have to wait, but that's okay as the brunt of it is done. Hallelujah!! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! :))

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