By dogwithnobrain

A You’re Adorable, B you’re so Beautiful

My new office is becoming me.

I have three plants; Myriam, Chester and Spike.

I have a table for meetings;

I have three windows;

I have a fish bowl with Gerberas

I have a sign which says ‘I am very busy, and Very Important’.

I have two sets of drawers in which I keep my ‘important’ and ‘secret’ files.. I file very, very badly .

Right now - it consists of ‘payroll’ and all the stuff; ‘audit’ and all the stuff, and ‘general correspondence’.

My general correspondence is a thing in the office.

If it’s not payroll; and not audit it goes into ‘general correspondence’.. anywhere

Today I decided my journey to a better me would continue and I would sort out my filing properly!

And I did; in spectacular fashion.

And myself and the CEO continued our torment of my boss. By sitting in his office
And speaking very lowly and then bursting in to spontaneous laughter.

Oh how we laugh.

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