By TheOttawacker

Happy Halloween

Halloween was actually postponed in some parts of Canada because of a major storm blowing through. In Montreal, a mayoral edict meant the massed ranks of zombies, skeletons, dinosaurs and Donald Trump impersonators had to sit twiddling their thumbs for another 24 hours. 

Fortunately, we here in Ottawa are made of sterner stuff. We have little fear of 25-feet of rain (or whatever biblical measurement they used). In fact, because I am the worst parent in the world (and because I want to instill in my son the value of making a commitment and sticking to it), I made Ottawacker Jr. go to his soccer practice before going out to get his promised chocolate haul. Only three other parents (from of a team of 19 boys) had the same idea as me, and so it was a two-a-side kick around for an hour or so. 

There was another reason to get Ottawacker Jr. out of the house: a surprise drop in by our friend from Victoria, who had asked to go trick or treating with the boy. 

Imagine his happiness as he strides into the house, dripping wet, to find a skeletal face sitting at the table, shrouded in black. He ran screaming through the house to the back door, ran screaming back to the front door, turned around and said "Hi Michal." There is no phasing him. (Unless it is with cabbage.)

So off they went for a brief walkabout the neighbourhood. There were few kids on the street, so his bag got filled quickly. And then he was home again.

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