The Dance

Made it swimming to November, heading now for December. Not written in stone that I will do it. It has been a learning experience for me. Have meet many people since I started in July of this year. Some swim all year round, some just up until November and come back again in May or June. One woman I was talking to today said that she started last April on her birthday and would like to make it through till her next birthday in April of next year. They say that March is the coldest month in the water.

The tide was on the way in today and the water was turbulent to say the least. Some people decided not to go in. There were a lot of people in swimming I went in off the rock and swam over to the steps with the bar. Getting out can be an art in itself. You have to wait till the waves subside and let them carry you in on the next motion. There is no better feeling when you feel the power and wave motion. In a way it is like a dance, you have to get the movement right. Probably go next Tuesday of Wednesday.

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