Man, I really hate shopping, but I especially hate shopping when I'm looking for something specific on a deadline and can't find it. I had a small meltdown in a changing room tonight as I tried on the only pair of jeans/jeggings I could find in my size and they looked AWFUL. It was a combo of things that got to me though; the fact that women's sizes mean nothing (in some shops I am an 18-20, in this one I had to try a 28-30...), the limited choices for plus sizes in Birmingham, how this one pair I could find hugged every lump and bump of mine but somehow sagged at the crotch (?!), how I now only had half a costume for Friday's Halloween party, my hormones... I did do one fairly unusual and good thing for me though; usually when I fall off the self love wagon and take a self esteem beating, I tend to stuff my face with crap to squash those emotions. Today, I got home and made myself an omelette with peas, tomato and beetroot on the side.

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