By wellsforzoe

I can see the Delight (on the small faces)

3rd November 2019:

Eilis Butler is one of our board members. Her main voluntary work is in assisting our office staff in all types of uploads to the cloud, database and stuff I don't even know about. She is an amazing genius.

But thats only one of our many talents.

She has a loving interest in our Girl Child project and herself and her husband Jim, support one of our most needy girls, a mother at 14, in boarding school.

They are also leaders in their parish in supporting Lusungu in University.
Amazing work

Yesterday she arrived with a bag of girly items to go to Malawi with us and  out came the most amazing array of finger puppets, designed and made by herself. Wow, how unique and fascinating.

Imagine what Margaret will get up to in the poorest, most remote village preschools with these.  Plays and drama and singing. Of course she will bring the wool and knitting needles and get all the women knitting them.

This will be the start of something fascinating and I am looking forward to seeing it later in the month when we arrive.

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