Bornholmer Strasse , Böse Brücke 30th Anniversary

Many events are taking place as we approach the 9th of November  .The Böse Brücke  named after Wilhelm Böse ( an electrician and trades union worker murdered by the National Socialist Party) .....For the main shot I sat in an arch legs  tucked safe as possible .The extra is the bridge seen from below .This was the famous crossing point which was opened peacefully that night . A good man made the decision .He changed the course of history .by ordering all the guards to lock their weapons away then he raised the barrier ....After this crossing opened so did the others . The hierarchy had fled .History teaches us many things if we do but read and learn from it.....The Bridge is also known as Bornholmer  Brücke..
This is a place to see if visiting Berlin ..SBahn to Bornholmer Strasse and wander at will .The inside of the station has many amazing photos of that night .
The British advised us not to go ... so we went .. It was the most wonderful atmosphere I've ever witnessed..Not every day you see such a party where you live .A party that lasted for many months .

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