By hazelh

Return to the scene of the crime

On 12th January 2012 I scampered up these steps for a meeting. I'd come along to discuss my main research interest of information sharing in online environments (more here). With my camera in my pocket, I knew that there was a risk that I'd join Blipfoto that day. I had, after all, been resisting for a while, and it was beginning to look a bit odd that I wasn't joining in with everyone else in the Edinburgh social media community.

I came back through the green red door much, much later than anticipated with - sure enough - my first blip captured on my wee camera.

Some say that Blipfoto is an addiction. If this is the case, my dealers work here.

Thanks to everyone for the kind comments on my blip 365 yesterday. I will catch up with you all over the weekend.

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