By karenmace25

bugs life

a day of mist and sunshine! And no rain.. yet! The grouch in me is hoping that the wind and rain arrives tonight to put people off having more fireworks! Do they have to be so loud?! Or am I just too old now haha!

Bit of garden pruning achieved today - still have bulbs to put in, and baskets to do but the fuchsias and begonias are still flowering ok in those so I'll leave them to be for a while longer! Nice to see lots of wildlife still out enjoying the flowers that are left!

Visited a garden centre today too with my parents for lunch after an appointment - and it reminds me why we avoid garden centres for the 2/3 months around Christmas! The place was heaving, despite being being during the week and all the schools have gone back, and if I was Santa watching over the behaviour of some of the children running rings around their parents/grandparents while there, they wouldn't be getting a visit from me come Christmas morning!!  Ooh I'm full of the Christmas spirit already haha!!

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