Up early and off to Glasgow - at least the weather was better than yesterday but I definitely have a cold coming and felt a bit grim. Straightforward interviews (other than me having two coughing fits!) and a good result I think. I was surprised at the loo in the building we were in, which was more of an antique bathroom - marble everywhere and an astonishing bath and sink. Given that this was in the building of the office of my opposite number at Glasgow I was amazed it has survived! A swift dash back to arrive at a tricky meeting about buildings again. S&J's presence helped and for the most part it was constructive and yet frustrating that we haven't been able to sort this out in this way more often recently.
Afterwards, checked in with V then home to put the kitchen table up, programmed the central heating (still getting nowhere with the underfloor bathroom heating controls!), empty the cases that were still packed, remake the spare bed and do a couple of loads of washing. Felt so satisfying and reassuring to do some normal domestic stuff and reduce the sense of living in a building site. The decorator finished today, so now it's just the splash back and a few snagging things and we're done. Phew! it's almost a year to the day that I started the whole process....
Worked in the evening at the new kitchen table awaiting VickyG who's at a play in Edinburgh this evening and is staying over. 

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