By dfb24

The tinies....

....felt like a day at the beach, but since it was much too cold for that, we compromised with the sand, the tiny shell, a piece of coral and the lamp sun. They enjoyed themselves which is all that matters. 
I went for my mammogram this morning, & having looked outside at the beautiful blue sky and the sun, I'd dressed in jeans and a short-sleeved shirt,  grabbed my lightweight jacket and headed out.....only to find how misleading the sun was. There was a bitingly cold wind off the Lake, and I was freezing to death just walking to my car!  Well......maybe not to death, but pretty close. I didn't even stop for gas, as I didn't want to stand outside in that wind! It's funny, because if it were spring we'd be thinking it was warming up! LoL. Big thanks to Debbi/dbifulco for hosting TinyTuesdays this month & to Hanulli for her tiny people challenge. ( the theme is "something old" which I forgot to mention, and the tiny seashell is at least 46 years old, as I found it when I lived in Florida back in 1973). :))

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