By Ronniebofa

Vegetable ingredients for bonfire night meal

Yet another dry and sunny Tuesday (the fifth in a row). After early morning yoga class at the Peak spent the afternoon in the allotment. I hoed and weeded the area where garlic and Japanese onion sets were planted and the beds where spring plants are being grown (foxgloves, daisies, sweet William and pansies) for transplant to borders and garden at home in February/March. I also pruned the vines and the last of the red and black current bushes. Brother Jimmy clears up the prunings and moved the last of the bark/wood clippings we received free of charge from Lowland Trees .
My last job of the afternoon was to harvest vegetables for tonight’s evening meal. The allotment is still producing plenty for my vegetable loaded meals and today’s harvest of kale, onions, tomatoes, chillis and green peppers ( from the polytunnel) red Egyptian beet and parsley were stewed with red lentils and served on a bet of Moroccan style grains (yellow label from Sainsburys). The raspberries were served with oat bran, stewed prunes and full fat Greek yogart.

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