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By steveng

Toka Ngawha (Split Apple Rock)

We paddled out to Toka Ngawha (Split Apple Rock) this morning with Waka Abel Tasman - a local company organising paddling sessions for visitors.  The Waka is a modern take on a traditional Maori canoe - with the 11 of us two hulls were fixed together (see the extra)  It is also possible to have a single hull and an outrigger for stability, or two shorter hulls for e.g 8 people. Aside from the paddling there are a few explanations on the local Maori names for landmarks and some of their culture around the paddling and their attitude to the environment.  We learned a lot and it was a very uplifting morning. The Waka moves very quickly through the water and accelerates noticeably when everyone paddles together effectively.  I did notice it picked up speed every time we passed kayakers, particularly if we had indulged in the Waka Salute - a sort of Haka for paddlers :-)

Very much recommended - look up Waka Abel Tasman if your are here.

As usual - a couple of others in the Flikr folder.

Tagged for wide Wednesday as the Waka is wide and being fibreglass definitely man made!

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