After saying goodbye (and thanks for putting up with us putting us up) to my brother & sister-in-law we called on our niece and her hubby (who live near  tothem) for morning coffee - which meant that we had another chance to spend a bit of time with our lovely little great niece (see yesterday's blip write-up). Then we had an excellent lunch and chat with the Mum of the partner of one of our sons as she also lives near Reading.
After that we drove a little northwards to stay tonight near Oxford, as tomorrow morning we're going on a tour of the MINI factory (a novel birthday gift nearly a year ago from my brother - we've only recently got round to arranging it!). This gave us the chance to take the park-and-ride bus into Oxford city centre for a bit of a wander round some of my old haunts from student days and to find somewhere for our evening meal. I'd hoped to take some photos of floodlit buildings but not many floodlights were on; however we liked this display in a rather quirky shop on Turl Street. There's quite a varied collection of erudite books as well as the Pinocchio puppet, along with the quote from his author Carlo Collodi saying (in case you can't read it on the photo): "Lies, my dear boy, can easily be recognised. There are two kind of them: those with short legs and those with long noses...Your kind have long noses." :-))

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