By LeeAnne

Highland Coo...

I’ve seen a few while I’ve been here but they’ve all been in places where it’s been impossible to stop... till today. I decided since it was just me and the coos I’d abandon ship in the middle of the road so I did and this particular specimen was very obliging in turning to say cheese.

I also went to the beach at Machir Bay, the Art Gallery at Sanaigmore, the craft shop at Islay House and the Woollen Mill before coming back to the house for lunch. It’s fair to say that the beach was beautiful but absolutely baltic... I didn’t linger long to stare at the sea but the waves were pretty impressive.

People are super friendly here. It’s clear I’m an outsider but I’ve not had anything other than a warm welcome everywhere I’ve been. The ‘Islay wave’ when you’re on the road is particularly cute. At first I thought perhaps they thought I was someone else but no, everyone waves to everyone and now the bin man gives me an exceptionally enthusiastic wave given I’ve seen him almost every day! It’s really quite something.

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